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New Plug-In: OXFORD ENVOLUTION Mixing monitors for Duran Duran
Envolution Duran Duran live

Sonnox is extremely excited to announce the launch of a brand new plug-in - Oxford Envolution - a frequency-dependent transient shaper. Designed to radically reshape the envelope of any sound with separate Transients and Sustain sections, Envolution is a powerfully creative tool with infinite uses!
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Live sound engineer Charlie Bradley has mixed monitors for some twenty years. We caught up with him on the recent Duran Duran Tour, to talk about creating the perfect in-ear monitor mix.

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Sonnox QuickTip #42-
Bringing life to drums with Envolution

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QuickTip 42 Twitter

In this QuickTip video, Rich Tozzoli uses the brand new Oxford Envolution plug-in on various drum and percussion tracks to bring them to life, using the transient and sustain controls.
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