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Victor Arturo Barrientos:
Spicy Tracks and Hot Bottoms
SuprEsser DS - Professional De-Esser
Victor Barrientos SuprEsser DS

Composer/producer Victor Arturo Barrientos is a man of diverse talents. From writing award-winning jingles for Univision, to producing spicy tracks for the likes of Shakira, he works on both sides of the glass with ease. A native of Peru, he has been running Communicando Productions, located just outside of New York City in New Jersey, for over 25 years. Read more...

The Oxford SuprEsser DS is a highly-featured professional De-Esser AAX DSP plug-in for use with Avid S3L live consoles and Pro Tools|HDX. With its low latency of sub 2ms, SuprEsser DS is perfect for live applications or live tracking in Pro Tools.
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Spotlight #11 - Dave Isaac on Codecs Star Citizen, Pedro Macedo Camacho
Spotlight #11 Star Citizen

Grammy Award-winning Producer/Engineer/Mixer Dave Isaac recently talked with us about how useful the Codec Toolbox has become, both to himself and to his students at the Musician’s Institute and UCLA. Read article...

Pedro Macedo Camacho composes, mixes, and arranges award-winning music for a wide variety of films, orchestras, commercials and video games. His lush, soaring, powerful arrangements will soon grace Star Citizen, one the most successful crowd funded video games in history. Read more..

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