NEW - Sonnox Toolbox Claro

About Claro

We're proud to announce the latest addition to our Toolbox range: Claro is a brand new EQ Plug-In that comprehensively serves the production process from composition to final mix. With three distinct views offering progressively more detail, it's easy and intuitive to use. Whether you're a bedroom producer or a Grammy-winning pro, Claro will empower you to make informed musical decisions in a unique way; helping you to take control of your production workflow and to create your own voice.

Claro's EQ delivers characteristics that encompass those of well-loved Neve EQ's, their modern derivatives, and the SSL G Series, too, but with unique cleanness and precision. They are presented in three views:

  • Produce view keeps you focused on the big picture rather than obsessing about minor details in the early stages of mixing or while you're still composing. 
  • As its name suggests, Tweak view allows for a deeper dive into the finer details when it suits you best.
  • Mix view allows for adjustments to be seen and made in the context of the full mix.

For more information, head over to the Claro product page.


Introductory Offer

Claro will launch at an introductory retail price of £74.25 ($107/$99).

This 25% saving will last until midnight GMT Wednesday 1st December 2021. After which, it will revert to its full retail price of £99 ($142.50/$134.00).

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Terms and Conditions

As with all things, there are some Terms & Conditions that must apply:

  • The Claro introductory offer begins 00:01 BST 12th October and ends 23:59 GMT 1st December 2021
  • This introductory offer discount cannot be combined with any other discount, such as Education pricing
  • A free iLok account is necessary to authorise Claro
    • All Toolbox products can be authorised with a physical iLok 2/3, iLok Cloud, or the local machine. 
      • iLok Cloud requires an active internet connection
      • Machine authorisation can authorise plug-ins offline
  • Sonnox retains the right to withdraw this offer or amend these Terms & Conditions at any time