Summer is in full swing here at Sonnox HQ. 
We’ve even ventured out into the sunlight bathing the beautiful Cotswold countryside that surrounds us.
Since inventing and building plug-ins is predominantly an indoor pursuit, our collective pale and pasty extremities have consequently just been re-introduced to short seasonal clothing.
Pictorial evidence of this folly shall not be forthcoming. For, dear friends, it is not a pleasant sight.
By way of compensation for having planted such a discomforting image into your psyche, we’d like to announce a month-long half-price sale that discounts almost all our range.
We appreciate just how frustrating it can be to buy something at full price, only to see its price fall the next day. Therefore, if you bought from us at full price after 1st June 2019, please log a Support ticket here and we'll get back to you. 
If you’re new to our products or would like to learn more about why so many, at all levels of music and audio production, have built their workflows around them, then please either:
  • Explore our single Plug-Ins or our pre-configured and custom bundles 
  • Or take a fully functioning 15-day demo here
As with all things there are some Terms & Conditions that must apply:
  • Sale begins 00:01 BST June 12th and ends 23:59 BST July 10th 2019
  • Sale discount of 50% applies to purchases of single Plug-ins and any Sonnox bundle of two or more Plug-ins
  • Codec Toolbox and GML Option are not included in this sale
  • Sale discount only applies to full products and not to upgrades, cross-grades or exchanges
  • Sale discount cannot be combined with any other discount such as Education pricing
  • An iLok account and active internet connection is required to use iLok Cloud authorisation
    • An iLok2/3 is required for authorisation of Codec Toolbox, Fraunhofer ProCodec, SoundGrid options plus Restore & Live bundles
  • Qualifying plug-ins must be registered to a single iLok account
  • Sonnox retains the right to withdraw this offer or amend these Terms & Conditions at any time