Sonnox Broadcast

Broadcast Production Collection


High quality processing and loudness control are critical for broadcast production. Whether it's taming harsh frequencies of an outside broadcast, controlling the dynamics of an unruly interviewee or simply maximising the overall loudness of an entire programme, the Sonnox Broadcast Collection has you covered - dramatically improving the quality of your broadcast production.

The precision of the Oxford EQ combined with SuprEsser's natural de-essing guarantee the perfect spectral balance of your audio. The Oxford Dynamics, a powerhouse of dynamic control, will take care of balancing levels; and finally, to maximise the overall loudness of the programme, the Inflator and Limiter pack the punch, warmth and presence to finish off the job.

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** The included Oxford SuprEsser is native only (AAX Native, RTAS, AU, VST).
An exchange for SuprEsser DS is available.  Please visit the store for pricing.


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