Oxford Dynamic EQ for Pro Tools HDX now released

Following the very successful release on Native and UAD platforms, we are now delighted to announce that the Oxford Dynamic EQ now supports Avid HDX systems.

Anyone using Avid's VENUE S6L, S3L-X or HDX hardware can now enjoy the performance benefits of the DSP-optimised Oxford Dynamic EQ. The new AAX HDX product is presented as two plug-ins: a 5 band version that operates exactly like the original Native Dynamic EQ, plus a scaled-down 3 band version for those times when you need more instances per DSP chip.

As an introductory offer all new purchases of HDX Oxford Dynamic EQs will be discounted by 25%, until midnight BST 16th April 2018. The plug-in will be priced at  £262.50 GBP ex VAT during this offer but will increase to its regular price of £350 GBP thereafter.

If you’re an existing Native product owner, the cross-grade to an HDX version will cost £62.50 GBP ex VAT (normally £150 GBP) during the same introductory period.

Oxford Dynamic EQ Article Image


Why might you need the Oxford Dynamic EQ? We've got your questions answered in these short videos:
What does the Dynamic EQ do that a static EQ does not?
How can the Dynamic EQ's side chain help me balance my mix?
How can the Dynamic EQ help me improve the clarity of my drums?
How does the Dynamic EQ's Mid-Side function help with part balancing?

Is the Dynamic EQ compatible with my system?
For full details on DSP compatibility and other tech specs, please head here.

If you want to be sure that Dynamic EQ HDX will fit into your workflow, don't forget to take a 15-day demo to fully audition the plug-in.

To purchase now please visit our store.