Oxford Limiter


Transparent and precise look-ahead true peak limiting.

The True Peak Limiter Plugin for Mastering

Using conventional audio limiters can result in a loss of dynamic range and transient power, meaning that your mix loses impact and emotional resonance with the listener.

Every mastering engineer’s worst nightmare is having the final master sounding overly squashed, with key transient components such as the kick and snare having lost all of their weight and bite.

The Oxford Limiter has been designed to combat this problem, enabling limiting that allows loud mixes to maintain their punch and clarity.

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Unleash Maximum Loudness with Precision Peak Control

Discover unparalleled control over your sound with our audio limiter's advanced peak-limiting capabilities. Featuring customisable attack, release, and soft-knee settings, our Oxford Limiter plugin ensures your music stands out with the perfect balance of loudness and dynamics, making your tracks ready for any platform.

Unlock Your Tracks' Full Potential with the Enhancement Section

Elevate your music's perceived loudness effortlessly. Our unique Enhance function allows you to push your tracks beyond conventional limits, offering unprecedented volume and punch while maintaining musical integrity.

True Peak Insight with Recon Metering for Mastering Precision

Gain unmatched clarity on your audio's true peak with our Recon meter, a critical tool for any true-peak limiter plugin. Make informed decisions to preserve the highest quality of your sound, ensuring your music plays back flawlessly on any system.

Seamless Auto Correction for Industry Compliance

Meet the strictest broadcast standards without sacrificing your sound's energy. Our Auto Comp feature dynamically corrects inter-sample peaks, guaranteeing your music's loudness is impactful, safe and compliant.

Mastering-Grade Dithering for Pristine Audio Quality

Choose from four noise shaping modes and audition TPDF dither for 24-bit and 16-bit outputs. Craft your sound precisely, ensuring your final product retains every nuance of your original mix.

Legacy and Innovation Combined

Leverage the power of full backward compatibility, integrating our cutting-edge technology with your existing projects. Start from a place of inspiration with our extensive library of presets designed by industry professional mixers and mastering engineers.

Oxford Limiter Features Summary


  • Peak limiting with attack, release & variable soft-knee
  • Enhance section to increase perceived loudness 
  • Recon meter shows actual rather than sampled signal 
  • Auto Comp fixes recon errors without losing overall loudness: conforming to the industry's true peak measurement standard (ITU-R BS.1770-4)
  • Audition and apply TPDF dither for 24-bit and 16-bit output word lengths with four types of variable noise shaping
  • Four variable-strength noise shaping modes for use with highly dynamic program material
  • Full backwards compatibility with previous plugin versions
  • Great library of factory presets to get you started
aax native
aax dsp
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ilok usb
  This plug-in offers 2 activations for each product licence you own.
  All licences must be kept on the same iLok account, and each activation will allow you to authorise your Plug-In using either of the following methods:
  • iLok USB device. iLok2 / iLok3 required with latest drivers

  • iLok Cloud. Active internet connection required

For more information about these choices please click here.




  • Pro Tools 11 and above – AAX DSP/ AAX Native 
  • Approved Pro Tools CPU, OS and hardware configuration: www.avid.com
  • For legacy versions, including 32bit and RTAS support, please contact support
  • iLok2, iLok3 or an iLok account with an active internet connection is required.
Audio Units
  • Mac OS X 10.12 or later (Intel or Apple Silicon)
  • iLok2, iLok3 or an iLok account with an active internet connection is required.
  • Mac OS X 10.12 or later (Intel or Apple Silicon)
  • Windows 7 or later
  • iLok2, iLok3 or an iLok account with an active internet connection is required.



Please see the following support article on general DAW compatibility - General DAW Compatibility

The Sonnox Oxford Limiter is compatible with the following hardware DSP accelerator or consoles:

Pro Tools AAX DSP
Pro Tools TDM -
Avid Venue
Avid S3L
Avid S6L
Universal Audio UAD *
Sold and supported by Universal Audio Inc. (www.uaudio.com)
44.1 – 48 kHz:141
88.2 – 96 kHz:227
176.4 – 192 kHz:415
44.1 – 48 kHz:150
88.2 – 96 kHz:237
176.4 – 192 kHz:425
44.1 – 48 kHz:
88.2 – 96 kHz:
176.4 – 192 kHz:
44.1 – 48 kHz:
88.2 – 96 kHz:
176.4 – 192 kHz:
 DSP TYPEMonoStereoMonoStereoMonoStereo
Limiter FullHDX65421*1*
Limiter NoReconHDX15117532
* Due to processing load restrictions, the Reconstruction meter and Auto compensation options are not available


Morgan Page 

"There’s something about the plugin's low end that’s indescribable – it’s totally unique"



"The Sonnox Oxford Limiter plugin is on everything I do – I can’t live without it!"


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