The Oxford SuprEsser DS is an optimized AAX DSP version of our award-winning De-Esser/Dynamic EQ Plug-In and is designed for use with Avid’s S3L and S6L live consoles and Pro Tools HDX. With a latency of sub 2ms, it’s perfect for live applications or tracking.

It offers simple and precise control of aggressive frequencies between 1kHz & 20kHz – using the combination of 3 listen modes and a clear FFT display. Hear and see where to focus the Plug-In’s filters before dialling out a problem tone with a single control. There’s a simple mode for quick fixes with an advanced mode to hand for increased functionality and fine-tuning.


  • Powerful Linear Phase De-Esser
  • Transparent and accurate control of aggressive frequencies 
  • Auto Level Tracking follows the energy of the input and applies same relative gain reduction as signal level changes perfect to de-ess a vocal that's quieter in verse than chorus
  • Low latency of 1.9ms (at 48kHz sample rate) 
  • Operates from 1kHz - 20kHz 
  • Wet/Dry control for quick parallel processing 
  • Sample rates up to and including 96kHz are supported 




 This plug-in offers 2 activations for each product licence you own.
 All licences must be kept on the same iLok account, and each activation will allow you to authorise your Plug-In using either of the following methods:
  • iLok USB device. iLok2 / iLok3 required with latest drivers
  • iLok Cloud. Active internet connection required
 For more information about these choices please click here.



Pro Tools
  • Pro Tools 10.3.8 and above – AAX DSP
  • Approved Pro Tools CPU, OS and hardware configuration:
  • iLok2 USB device with latest drivers


Audio Units
  • (Not available)


  • (Not available)
Pro Tools 10.3.8, and above(AAX DSP(HDX))
Pro Tools 10.3.8, and above AAX DSP(HDX))

Compatible with the following hardware DSP accelerator or consoles:

Pro Tools AAX DSP
Pro Tools TDM-
Avid Venue-
Avid S3L
Avid S6L
Universal Audio UAD *

Sold and supported by Universal Audio Inc. (
SoundGrid *

Available via separate upgrade purchase

DigiCo consoles not supported (More info about SoundGrid)


Instantiations per DSP Chip

DSP TYPEMonoStereoMonoStereoMonoStereo


44.1 – 48 kHz:93
88.2 – 96 kHz:178
176.4 – 192 kHz:-
44.1 – 48 kHz:
88.2 – 96 kHz:
176.4 – 192 kHz:-


The Oxford SuprEsser DS is also available in the following money-saving bundles.


"...highly effective de-essing with less than 2ms of latency..."