The Future of Vocal Compression

Every engineer, mixer, or producer knows that vocals are the star of any top-tier mix. 
Perfecting vocal production is indeed an art, and with Sonnox Voca,
it’s an art that’s about to get a whole lot easier.

Supercharge Your Vocal and Simplify Your Workflow

Struggling to juggle multiple plugins, decipher complex controls, and work within the confines of contextless presets can overwhelm and impede your creative process, leading to subpar vocal productions that lack the 'wow' factor. But don't worry; we've got a solution to that.

Meet Sonnox Voca, the definitive solution for professional-sounding vocals, fast.

With Voca, you're not just eliminating the need for multiple compressor plugins - you're elevating your workflow to a whole new level of simplicity and efficiency. Say goodbye to the complexities of thresholds, ratios, time constants, gain reduction, and makeup gain. Embrace Voca's unique and intuitive interface that champions your individual artistic input. Liberate your creativity from contextless presets and outdated best practices. With Voca, swiftly achieve professional, upfront vocals that perfectly blend with your mix, captivating your audience. Experience a workflow transformation that leads to an unforgettable auditory experience.

Compression Background

Experience the uncompromising quality of Voca's compressors. Inspired by a series of classics, like the 1176 + LA-2A, Voca advances beyond hardware and emulation plugins with a distinct Sonnox twist and complete digital freedom. Voca delivers whether you want slow, bouncy compression for momentum and groove or a vibrant, upfront, and in-your-face vocal.

Saturation Background

Harness the power of Voca's advanced Saturation for rich, dense, complex vocals that truly shine. Effortlessly navigate from warmth and depth to airiness and clarity, intuitively steering your vocals' front-back position and ensuring they hold their own while sitting perfectly in the mix. With Voca, achieving polished vocals has never been easier.

Soften Background

Experience the magic of Voca's Soften control, intelligently reducing harshness and sibilance for a seamless blend in your mix. Soften proactively shapes your vocal tone, eliminating disruptions and ensuring a smooth overall sound. It preserves the vitality of your vocals, making Soften a vital ally for crafting impeccable vocal productions.

Auto-Input Level Background

Say hello to effortless vocal balance and bid farewell to time-consuming pre-FX automation or clip-gain adjustments with Voca's Auto-Input Volume. It maintains a steady volume across phrases and sections, replicating the precision of an experienced mixer. It's more than just a massive time saver: The result? A perfectly balanced vocal.

Auto-Input Level
Robert L Smith


Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Lady Gaga

"I swapped out my previous vocal chain for Voca and received this message from the client: "Thank you so much for the mix; the vocals are so much softer now. I don't know how you did it, but you seem to have understood what I meant when I said I wanted them sweeter. You are a wizard." So it works amazingly well, like everything you guys do!"

Craig Bauer


Kanye West, Ed Sheeran, Kurt Elling

"At this point, 30 years on, very few plugins have my jaw on the floor, especially compressor and saturation plugins, but Voca is simply incredible. In less than 10 seconds, it just became one of those plugins that is now NOT optional. It saved me hours of work today on a vocal that was all over the place. It's going to save me hours of work every day."

Cameron Craig


Grace Jones, UNKLE, Katie Melua

"Voca has now become invaluable. The Auto-Input feature is a massive time-saver, eliminating the need for clip-gaining and enhancing the musicality of the Compressor, but what truly won me over was the Soften control— it delivers outstanding sound quality, balances out any harshness, and couldn't be easier to use"

Gethin Pearson headshot


Badly Drawn Boy, Bloc Party, Crystal Fighters

"Voca has really transformed my process. There's no more trying infinite possibilities of plugins or daisy-chaining multiple compressors. Voca gets me to the end result so much quicker because it keeps me focused on what I'm working on. It's all about me, trusting my ears and moving things around until I think, "That's the best record I can make"."