Tony Vincent on the Toolbox VoxDoubler

Recording artist, actor and producer Tony Vincent boasts a career spanning over 20 years with many varied highlights – a number of #1 Billboard radio singles, a rock-based theatre career that has taken him to Broadway and London’s West End and fronting Queen performing "Bohemian Rhapsody" for Queen Elizabeth II and an audience of 1 million to name a few.

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During this time, he still found the energy to produce 4 albums and appear on NBC's The Voice. Currently, you will find him headlining the North American symphony tour of The Music of David Bowie and working as a record producer at his New York recording studio, Soundshop 370.

It’s in this last capacity that Tony was introduced to the Toolbox VoxDoubler and got in touch with us to say how much he loved it. We asked him to explain further how he’s been using it and why it’s quickly proved so indispensable to his mixing process. He has generously provided some short audio examples to illustrate this which we’ve shared here.

What did you want to achieve with the effect?

The artist that I was working with didn’t have a ton of time to track his vocals so all I had to work with was a solid comped lead vocal. I wanted it to have a double under it to give it some thickness. Using the Sonnox VoxDoubler “Thicken” Plug-In is now my go-to choice for adding body and weight to a lead vocal. I dial in the effect that I’m hearing in my head so that I’m really listening to what’s happening, then adjust the amount of the effect so that it really sits nicely in the track. 

How did using the VoxDoubler compare with your usual process?

You have to have 2 things when accomplishing a solid double - 1) A singer who can consistently perform tight doubles or 2) a substantial amount of time to create your own double from the lead which can be a nightmare - phase issues, timing discrepancies, etc. The VoxDoubler Plug-In is a godsend when you don’t have either of these options!

What was particularly great about it for you?

Like all Sonnox Plug-Ins, it sounds fantastic! Its GUI is beautifully laid out and is incredibly simple to use. I don’t know what more a person could want from a Plug-In.

Who else would benefit from using the VoxDoubler and why?

Engineers, mixers, producers, artists who track themselves. I don’t know of anyone making music that wouldn’t benefit from the VoxDoubler.

Can you sum up your experience using the VoxDoubler in just a few words?

Ease of use. Sonically excellent. Time saver!