The Toolbox Range

We feel that there is room in the engineer’s toolkit for a new range of specific task-based tools to stand alongside more traditional processors.

The time required to find the right combination of such processors can sometimes prevent us all, whether beginner or professional, from reaching our shared goal of making great sounding music.

Toolbox Plug-Ins tackle this challenge directly by empowering music creators to create, supported by technology rather than being diverted by it.

Each Toolbox product is characterised by:

A single focus that delivers a simple GUI with only a few controls

  • with each one clearly communicating how it changes the sound of your recording
  • using plain language rather than complex terminology

Which in turn makes the Plug-In quick and easy to work with

  • allowing you to use its intuitive controls straight away, rather than rely on preset roulette to learn what it’ll do for your track

And let’s not forget that:

  • speed and simplicity supports your creative flow
  • and too much choice can lead us all into option paralysis!

There’s a lot going on under the hood of each Toolbox Plug-In that reflects our heritage and expertise in building the highest quality, precise and transparent-sounding audio processes available.