Double Vocals With Ease

VoxDoubler is presented as two separate plugins that focus on the two most common vocal doubling workflows.

Vocal performances lie at the very heart of a song. Doubling vocals is a really effective way of adding more contrast, drama and presence to the story of your song.

It’s therefore hard to imagine much of recorded popular music without the special quality that double-tracked vocals bring to a mix, either used over an entire track or just to help a chorus or key lyric connect with a listener.

voxdoubler vocal doubling plugin gui

You want believable and natural sounding doubles but don’t have access to your vocalist, or the time required to:

  • Record extra takes in order to comp doubles
  • Transfer a lead take into an external editor, make copies of it and then manipulate the pitch and timing of them

Maybe you like the speed of using a classic stereo imager, chorus or harmonising effect, but aren’t so happy with the rather unnatural artefacts that can often occur?

Enter VoxDoubler. Bespoke designed to give you the best of these two approaches; ease of use, real-time processing and results that sound as lifelike as if the doubled parts were actually multi-tracked.

Saving you time, money and maintaining your creative flow.

“It sounds terrific and is so easy to use”
User Feedback

Generates two new mono voices and pans them to the left and right of the original vocal.

Great for:

Or why not try:

  • Manually processing the new doubled voices separately, then mixing them back in parallel with the original

“This IS the best Vocal Doubler I've used so far. Very natural sounding even soloed!”
User Feedback

Generates a new stereo doubled voice and overlaps it with the original vocal.

Great for thickening a:

  • Mono performance, emulating the effect of singing the same part twice
  • Stereo group of voices by doubling each voice
  • Generate believable double and triple vocal tracks to create width, depth or add thickness
  • Humanise section to adjust the Timing and Pitch of the doubles relative to the original vocal
  • Depth control to push the new doubled voices deeper into the mix
  • Tone control to prevent sibilant doubles from becoming distracting, or to brighten those that are too muddy
  • Track/Aux mode allows you to apply the effect in place or, for more advanced control, mix it in parallel on an aux return
  • A more cost-effective alternative, both in terms of initial outlay and speed of use, than more complex and manual processes
  • Engineered for vocals, but try it on instruments too!
  • Hallmark Sonnox audio precision, transparency and reliability

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The Toolbox range offers 2 activations for each product licence you buy.
Providing you have an iLok account, each activation will allow you to authorise your Plug-In on one of these devices:
iLok device. iLok2 / iLok3 required with latest drivers
• iLok Cloud. Active internet connection required
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Pro Tools
  • Pro Tools 11 and above – AAX Native
  • Approved Pro Tools CPU, OS and hardware configuration: www.avid.com
Audio Units
  • Audio Units-compatible application (Logic, Digital Performer etc.)
  • Mac OS 10.12 or later (Intel or Apple Silicon)
  • VST3 compatible application (Cubase, Nuendo, Sequoia etc.)
  • Mac OS 10.12 or later (Intel or Apple Silicon)
  • Windows 7 or later



Please see the following support article on general DAW compatibility - General DAW Compatibility

DSP Compatibility

Toolbox plug-ins do not support Avid’s TDM/HDX hardware DSP platform (including Venue, S3L and S6L systems), Waves SoundGrid or Universal Audio's UAD platform.

Sample Rate (kHz) Latency (Samples) Latency (ms)
44.1 4488 102
48 4886 102
88.2 8979 102
96 9772 102
176.4 17955 102
192 19545 102

Sonnox Toolbox Claro supports all commmon sample rates.

44.1 – 48 kHz:
88.2 – 96 kHz:
176.4 – 192 kHz: