Introducing the VoxDoubler, the first Plug-In of new Toolbox range

We’re excited to announce the release of the VoxDoubler, the first Plug-In from a new range we’re calling Toolbox. It is available now to try free for 15 days and to buy exclusively from our store.

The Toolbox range has been conceived to solve universally complex and time-consuming problems that affect beginners and audio professionals alike. Toolbox Plug-Ins leverage our heritage and expertise in building the highest quality, precise and transparent-sounding audio processes available.

The VoxDoubler is comprised of two separate Plug-Ins called Widen and Thicken which are bespoke engineered to help with the two most common vocal doubling workflows.

VoxDoubler GUIs News Article Image


Until now, vocal doubling either takes considerable time, effort and expense or it doesn’t create sufficiently believable and natural-sounding results. The VoxDoubler elegantly solves this by providing you with ease of use, real-time processing and a sound as lifelike as if the doubled parts were actually multi-tracked. Saving you time, money and maintaining your creative flow.

The VoxDoubler is priced at £69.00 GBP excluding taxes. In addition, you receive 2 activations per licence purchased, 1 of which can be machine authorised with a free iLok account.