Sonnox supports IMSTA Seoul

Buy the software you use. The IMSTA mission statement that we continue to wholeheartedly support.

Because selling our stuff pays for the research, design and testing involved in making it. In fact every aspect of Sonnox is supported by the sales we make.

And while we love making the best Plug-In's we possibly can, it takes real effort; in time, expertise and often changes in direction to deliver a finished and ultimately successful product. This effort has a value. And it has a cost. 

Given piracy undermines all that we seek to do, we and many of our industry peers have chosen to back IMSTA in promoting the value of software and of the efforts involved in making it.

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IMSTA events recognise that this message is often best communicated in person and their locations have been steadily expanding from North America, through Europe to the most recent, Seoul in South Korea.

We were honoured to have been represented at that show and look forward to meeting new folk at new events in the future. 

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